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    In every sense of the word, Cruel World Apparel is a passion project. Our brand was developed in 2017 by a small group of digital artists and social entrepreneurs who are passionate about fostering community online. For the entire team, Cruel World Apparel is a part-time project that we work on in addition to our day jobs or college load. 

    The mission of the brand is to offer ethically-made clothing that promotes thoughtful dialog about issues and ideas that members of our team are passionate about. You can read a detailed explanation of our ethical manufacturing standards as well as a complete list of all of the apparel manufactures that we source from here

    All of our products are picked, printed, and processed when they’re ordered through our partners at Printful. Printing on demand allows us to reduce overhead and offer unique apparel without ever going out of stock. It takes about 2-5 business days to create apparel products. Printing on demand also allows us to be more experimental with the designs and products that we offer-- without having to worry about whether a bold product will sell. 

    Our designs reflect the values of our team as well as the values of our customers. Each product was carefully designed with you, our customer, in mind. That's why each item has a unique personality. We hope you find something here that matches your personality and that you can use to promote a progressive dialog about something you're passionate about.

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